About Paul

Paul Edwards is a cycling fanatic.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards

What are you doing this summer ?

After successfully completing the ride last year, He’s decided to go for it again ~ a good reason to mix a bit of keep fit , pleasure and raise some money for worthwhile charities.

if he’s not out cycling on his bike then he’s practicising his pedalling in his local gym’s spinning class. If he’s not doing that then you can probably find him somewhere just talking about cycling.

Fortunately, Paul manages to maintain some balance in his life as he’s equally enthusiastic about his job as Battery Manager at Steatite Ltd. He’s more than capable of talking just as passionately about such things as industrial lithium batteries and he is something of an expert in the field of portable power.

Sadly, Paul has to rely on good old fashioned pedal power when he’s in the saddle; but that doesn’t stop him taking up the challenge of numerous charity cycle events. Over the years, Paul has successfully completed many gruelling bike rides raising £££’s for charity and this year is no different.

Starting in July, Paul will be taking part in the 2011 Paris to Hayling Charity Cycle Ride. Taking part for the 6th year running, Paul will be riding almost 400 miles over 5 days to raise money for Rowans Hospice and Cancer research. This year the route travels down to Le Mans !

Follow Paul’s progress on the Pedalling Paul blog and make a donation if you can.



  1. How about dressing up as a battery paul?

  2. love you big fella x

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