Posted by: pedallingpaul | March 15, 2011

How many calories?

well Ive been to the Gym ! 20 minutes rowing … 15 minutes x trainer and some sit ups.
heart rate monitor switched on . Average heart rate 127 , training time 57 minutes (includes shower!). total calories burnt 320…i dont believe it , there are 600 in the mars bar i had coming back and god knows how many in this glass of shiraz on the side I need as I contemplate my next move . As I see it I will be putting on weight at this rate . Perhaps a baggier tee sheet is the answer.

I am keen to get really fit for the ride this year, I shouldnt need an excuse but it certainly helps me focus. I see there are a few practise rides arranged on Sunday’s starting from the Ship at Langstone , I think some group participation may get the motivation level higher !



  1. just been along the beach for some warm weather training. 85 degs F, slight breeze whispering over the top of my beer can. Bit of a head wind one way but no hills!

    Just so you know

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