Posted by: pedallingpaul | July 21, 2010

We Did It! Part 3

The evening do at  Caen was a hoot, far too much free fizz and beer, ending up with local calvados….struggled to find my hotel at 3 am but still managed to set my alarm and get up at 5 !

The dancing shoes were on but unfortunately not on my feet, the live band got everyone moving ( in different directions and unusual beats but everyone has such a good time).

Early morning Sunday……after a gentle amble to the ferry (15 miles), we boarded the ferry.

Expectations were high in the prize giving – perhaps best newcomer, most improved rider; value added rider or the coveted rear of the year. I clenched my buttocks with anticipation….alas looked over again.

Two scoops was nominated , mainly for the reason he overdosed on energy drink one day, looked like Marti Feldman and didn’t sleep for three nights…this made people smile sufficiently that he was a contender for value added. Other than that, no prizes this time. 

So the ride comes to an end, life rich and bottom poor, a ride that took my breath away (literally) and at times just took my breath away ( new friends, old friends, beautiful sights, freedom of sitting on a bike, making a difference).

My thanks to everyone who supported me through this ride – I can’t wait for next year!! ……you coming ???

I’ll be posting more pics shortly – so be sure to check back for those!


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