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Goodwood ride

43 miles . 2 poached eggs on toast . 1 Stella. 3 glasses of white wine . 3203 calories  burnt …..just about calorie negative. The big man is back in training ..

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Me at the start of the bike race on Saturday.


London to Brighton – Midnight Ride – 100Km Saturday 26th May 2012

Combining the iconic London to Brighton route with the unique sensation of night cycling; setting off from Alexandra Palace we will pedal through  London streets, past some of the Capital’s best known landmarks before breaking out onto the open country roads of Surrey and Sussex. Riders aim to complete the 100km course just as the sun rises over Brighton seafront.

This year I will cycle for two worthwhile causes the first is the British Heart Foundation and the second will be for St. Mary’s Hospice whose care and support is so fantastic.

For the price of a posh coffee or a bar of chocolate, please make a donation to my nominated charities and lets see how much we can raise ~

Your support is truly appreciated  Paul x

British Heart Foundation Birmingham St Mary's Hospice LONDON TO BRIGHTON
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How many calories?

well Ive been to the Gym ! 20 minutes rowing … 15 minutes x trainer and some sit ups.
heart rate monitor switched on . Average heart rate 127 , training time 57 minutes (includes shower!). total calories burnt 320…i dont believe it , there are 600 in the mars bar i had coming back and god knows how many in this glass of shiraz on the side I need as I contemplate my next move . As I see it I will be putting on weight at this rate . Perhaps a baggier tee sheet is the answer.

I am keen to get really fit for the ride this year, I shouldnt need an excuse but it certainly helps me focus. I see there are a few practise rides arranged on Sunday’s starting from the Ship at Langstone , I think some group participation may get the motivation level higher !

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well we go again !!!

Its March ….so there is only one thing on my mind (no not that ) ..but the thoughts of my charity cycle ride in france with the guys from Hayling/Paris. This year its over to le Mans and back …looks good …the bike is dusted down and my thoughts are towards establishing a training routine….pedalling paul is back , slightly slower , a wee bit fatter but certainly back . …ps also booked the midnight walk in aid of the Rowans Hospice on 18th June ..its the only time I get to Gunwharf Quays after midnight!

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We Did It! Part 3

The evening do at  Caen was a hoot, far too much free fizz and beer, ending up with local calvados….struggled to find my hotel at 3 am but still managed to set my alarm and get up at 5 !

The dancing shoes were on but unfortunately not on my feet, the live band got everyone moving ( in different directions and unusual beats but everyone has such a good time).

Early morning Sunday……after a gentle amble to the ferry (15 miles), we boarded the ferry.

Expectations were high in the prize giving – perhaps best newcomer, most improved rider; value added rider or the coveted rear of the year. I clenched my buttocks with anticipation….alas looked over again.

Two scoops was nominated , mainly for the reason he overdosed on energy drink one day, looked like Marti Feldman and didn’t sleep for three nights…this made people smile sufficiently that he was a contender for value added. Other than that, no prizes this time. 

So the ride comes to an end, life rich and bottom poor, a ride that took my breath away (literally) and at times just took my breath away ( new friends, old friends, beautiful sights, freedom of sitting on a bike, making a difference).

My thanks to everyone who supported me through this ride – I can’t wait for next year!! ……you coming ???

I’ll be posting more pics shortly – so be sure to check back for those!

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We Did It! Part 2

Journey completed on Saturday 17th July as we cycled into CAEN – at 6.30pm , leaving it a little late but still managing to squeeze in more than one celebration beer before a formal end of ride reception at Caen Castle.

The last day was a pleasant but hilly day and we found time to stop for a great lunch (5 courses, unlimited wine @12 Euros, god I love these set menus!)

5 Courses

At Caen, my mileage was just over 400 miles, leaving the ride to the ferry at 6am the following morning and the return over Pegasus Bridge.

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We Did It! Part 1

We did it – total Mileage 423 miles. A little bit of blood, lots of sweat and a few tears, and one very sore rump. I am thinking next year that sitting on a razor blade may be more comfortable way of raising money.

Good news is £72k is pledged to the group for the completing the ride, so a real sense of achievement! 

Friday was fancy dress day – some great outfits, but an unusual amount of men in tights.

My token effort of a pink wig left me looking like a cross between a 70’s pop star and a very dysfunctional middle age man ~ no wonder the French smile as we cycle past. (I also found out the French word for poof is “poooof” ~ regularly shouted as we cycled past the villages).

It was nice to get one of the team members back who dropped out the previous day ~ Mr clutterbuck added humour and this slowed us down nicely!

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Apologies for the delay since my last post. After completing the final leg of this gruelling ride, nearly every bone in my body aches and this seems to have extended to the ones that I type with!

I’ve got plenty of stories and lots more pics to share with you – so check back really soon and discover how it all ended…!

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300 Miles!! Ouch

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